Adam Kosecki Web Developer

I am Adam Kosecki, a professional web developer with 10+ years of experience. I create things that are clean; from beautiful, straightforward, comprehensible design elements to robust & readable code.

I strive to understand a problem from all angles before outlining a solution. My solutions are a fair compromise between form and function, fanciness and efficiency, seriousness and fun.

I am a leader. I make decisions when appropriate, and defer or delegate without shame. People respect me and enjoy working for me.


Clear Software

2015 - Present VP of Product / Lead Developer

Currently leading this startup's transition from an on-premise, single-user solution to a multi-tenant, SaaS, cloud application; evangelizing best practices and modern development techniques; and breathing new life in to old UIs.


2014 - 2015 / Full-time
2015 - Present / Consultant
Senior Developer

HelpSystems acquired Network Automation (below)

Developed and deployed an HTML5, mobile-first invoicing application in PHP/AngularJS/MySql to facilitate an end-to-end process for online ordering and payments. The application included a robust API allowing it to integrate with multiple, disparate back-end systems.

Provided guidance regarding front end user experience, SEO, and deployment for the company's public web entities.

Implemented massive ETL processes to migrate and synchronize data between HelpSystems and Network Automation servers throughout the acquisition process.

Network Automation

2005 - 2014 Lead Developer, UI Design (Web & Windows App)

Created entire public web entity for company, including all visual design elements, technological decisions (language/framework/server), coding, SEO decisions, optimization for user experience & retention, and… everything else:

  • Lead on-borading.
  • Customer's account application (address info, license keys, product maintenance subscriptions, etc).
  • Marketing and pre-sales content: press releases, news, case studies, blog.
  • Product downloads, both pre-sales and licensed products.
  • Shopping cart system: processed every purchase/transaction made through the company. Responsible not only for collecting payment, but issuing products and licenses to customers.
  • Support ticketing system, front-end and back-end.
  • Customer Resource Center: video tutorials, knowledgebase articles, product version history, etc.
  • Channel/Partner Portal: an application to provide sales collateral, news, lead registration, etc for resellers/VARs/strategic partners.

Built a CMS to manage public web entity content: blog posts, video tutorials, knowledgebase, version history, press releases, case studies, reviews & awards, webinar schedule, job postings, etc.

Served as company DBA, implementing best practices including full normalization of existing MS SQL database. Wrote and revised countless queries, views, and stored procedures for various organizational departments.

Inherited, managed, enhanced, and enriched existing (homegrown) corporate CRM.

Language Proficiencies


If it's listed here, I have a solid working knowledge of the framework and I have used it professionally.

  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • Phalcon
  • Zend (ZF1 & ZF2)

Tools & Tech

Tools & technologies regularly used to work efficiently.

  • PHPStorm & Atom
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Terminal
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Git
  • Grunt
  • AWS
  • MySQL Workbench
  • VirutalBox
  • MS SQL Server Management Studio
  • REST
  • SOAP


Technologies I'm looking for a good reason to implement.

  • Node.js
  • ES6
  • Meteor/Ember.js/Real-Time/Reactive Applications
  • Angular 2
  • CoffeeScript


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
Programming Emphasis
Western Illinois University 2000-2004
Minor in Psychology